JBEM: Volume 2

Number 1 [ PDF ]

Editor’s Note [ PDF ]

A Biblical Model For Medical Ethics <>3. Biblical Norms for Medical Ethics [ PDF ] Douglas C. Heimburger, M.D.

On Living Wills [ PDF ] James F. Kurfees, M.D., M.Th.

Expectations: What Can Your Doctor Do For You? [ PDF ] Robert Maddox, M.D.

Managing Attitudes Towards Defective Newborns [ PDF ] The Reverend Charles McConnell

Pastor’s Column: The Church’s Responsibility in Health Instruction [ PDF ] The Reverend Byron Snapp

Physical and Spiritual Care of the Terminally Ill [ PDF ] Donald Townsend, M.D.

Number 2 [ PDF ]

Editor’s Note [ PDF ]

Ob-Gyn on the Battlefront:<> An Interview with Dr. Lewis Hicks [ PDF ]

Licensing of Health Care Professionals<> From a Biblical Perspective [ PDF ] Joseph K. Neumann, M.D.

The Economics of Medicine: A Wholistic Approach [ PDF ] Franklin D. Payne, Jr., M.D.

How Would God Have Us Practice Preventive Medicine? [ PDF ] Hilton P. Terrell, M.D., Ph.D.

Number 3 [ PDF ]

Editor’s Note [ PDF ]

Book Review<> The Christian’s Guide To Pregnancy and Childbirth [ PDF ] by John Jefferson Davis, Ph.D.
Reviewed by James L. Fletcher, Jr., M.D.

Teachers of Health or Teachers of Sin? <> A Reexamination of Contraception Prescription [ PDF ] Robert Maddox, M.D.

Teenage Promiscuity [ PDF ] Rod S. Mays, B.A., M.Ed., D.Min.

Report of the Heroic Measures Committee<> Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) [ PDF ] Adopted at General Assembly, 1988, Knoxville, Tennessee

Average Life Expectancy, <> “What Is Truth?”‘ [ PDF ] Hilton P. Terrell, M.D., PhD.

AIDS as Divine Judgment: PART I [ PDF ] Andrew A. White, M.D.

Number 4 [ PDF ]

Book Review:<> Euthanasia: Spiritual, Medical and Legal Issues in Terminal Health Care [ PDF ] by BETH SPRING and ED LARSON published by Multnomah Press, 1988, $12.95
Reviewed by Franklin E. Payne, Jr., M.D.

Editor’s Note [ PDF ]

A Biblical Model for Medical Ethics<> 4. Treatment Decisions at the End of Life [ PDF ] Douglas C. Heirnburger, M.D.

Promiscuity, Prophylactics and The Christian Physician <> The Ethics of Providing Contraceptives [ PDF ] To the Unmarried Sexually-Active Patient<> Barrett L. Mosbacker

AIDS as divine Judgement PART II [ PDF ] Andrew A. White, M.D.