“At the same time, medical practice is pursuing this mechanical model with intense zeal. The spare parts idea is cultivated—aborted babies are a source of raw materials, and the dying are cannibalized for spare organs. Both the moral factor and the fact that the body works to reject these alien parts are sidestepped. There are hints here and there that this kind of medical practice is not the wonder-working breakthrough that the press would have us believe. In any case, increasingly, some people feel that they have a “right” to spare parts when they need them. (On one trip, I was told of the pressures put on some heartsick and grieving parents to sign over their child’s body for parts while the child was still fighting for life. One wonders: given the contempt for life shown by some of these medical men, can they be trusted with the life of a perhaps dying child whose “parts” can be used elsewhere?)”

Faith and Wellness, a collection of Rushdoony’s essays,  in “Medicine’s Mechanical Model” written in 1988.