This is the most comprehensive book on the subject among 15 I have read, documented with 624 references. I find the authors and endorsers to be among the most trustworthy professionals I have studied. Those who are urging COVID-19 shots worldwide, including the CDC and other U.S. public health agencies, along with most of academic and organized medicine, maintain a narrative that these vaccines are “safe and effective”—without qualification. A growing number of medical professionals, including independent physicians with extensive experience successfully treating severely ill COVID-19 patients, and hospital-based nurse and physician whistle-blowers, have revealed startling evidence of deception.

The detailed, painstakingly referenced data in this book should create cognitive dissonance in those who accept the “safe and effective” narrative. Here are a few examples that I believe to be irrefutable: There were 50,239 deaths within 14 days of COVID-19 shots among Americans 65 and older as of the summer of 2021 (several months after the rollout), according to the CMS database, as compiled by a whistleblower

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