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Book Review: The COVID-19 Vaccines & Beyond: What the Medical Industrial Complex is NOT Telling Us

This is the most comprehensive book on the subject among 15 I have read, documented with 624 references. I find the authors and endorsers to be among the most trustworthy professionals I have studied. Those who are urging COVID-19 shots worldwide, including the CDC and other U.S. public health agencies, along with most of academic and organized medicine, maintain a narrative that these vaccines are “safe and effective”—without qualification. A growing number of medical professionals, including independent physicians with extensive experience successfully treating severely ill COVID-19 patients, and hospital-based nurse and physician whistle-blowers, have revealed startling evidence of deception.

The detailed, painstakingly referenced data in this book should create cognitive dissonance in those who accept the “safe and effective” narrative. Here are a few examples that I believe to be irrefutable: There were 50,239 deaths within 14 days of COVID-19 shots among Americans 65 and older as of the summer of 2021 (several months after the rollout), according to the CMS database, as compiled by a whistleblower

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Brain Dead People May Not Be Dead; A Family Prevents Organ Harvesting

It was 1989, and she was still a resident anesthesiologist, Dr. Heidi Klessig recalled in her book, “The Brain Death Fallacy.”

One day, her attending anesthesiologist told her to prepare a brain-dead organ donor for organ removal surgery.

Upon examining the patient, Dr. Klessig was surprised to find that the man looked exactly like every other critically ill, living patient and, in fact, better than most.

“He was warm, his heart was beating, and his monitors showed stable vital signs,” wrote Dr. Klessig. “Nevertheless, on his bedside exam, he checked all the boxes for brain death, and the neurologist declared him ‘dead.’”

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Michigan Family Succeeds in Stopping Organ Donation

A Michigan state judge halted the harvesting of organs from a patient declared “brain dead,” in a case that highlights the shortcomings of organ donation cards and informed consent.

The family of 30-year-old Jaszmine Philips went to court to stop Gift of Life Michigan, the organ procurement agency working with Trinity Health in Muskegon, Michigan from harvesting her organs. According to news reports, Philips suffered from type-1 diabetes and showed no brain activity when she was admitted to the hospital. Philips’ driver’s license indicated she was an organ donor, but her family said she reversed her decision and indicated that multiple times.

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Bioethics group admits most people declared ‘brain dead’ actually have brain function

On April 11, 2024, the National Catholic Bioethics Center (NCBC) issued a landmark position statement, acknowledging that at least half of patients diagnosed as “brain dead” still have partial brain function. The NCBC statement was prompted by the 2023 updated guideline for the diagnosis of “brain death” published by the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) together with the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Child Neurology Society, and the Society of Critical Care Medicine. 

According to the NCBC, the 2023 AAN updated guideline marks “a decisive breakdown in a shared understanding of brain death” and “a formal breach in a longstanding consensus in law and public policy” because this guideline does not conform to the current legal standard for “brain death” under the Uniform Determination of Death Act (UDDA). The UDDA requires the “irreversible cessation of all functions of the entire brain, including the brain stem.” But a part of the brain called the hypothalamus continues to provide neuroendocrine function in most patients declared “brain dead.” Is the hypothalamus important? According to the NCBC:

The hypothalamus can be understood as a kind of ‘smart’ coordinating center in the brain which is involved in regulating temperature, salt-water balance, sex drive, and sleep. Recent studies show that it may play a role in phenomenal awareness and pain detection.

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Abuse of Referrals for Psychiatric and Neuropsychological Assessment

More than 300 years (after the false accusations of the Salem witch trials), physicians who stand out from the crowd (e.g., innovators, physician whistleblowers, successful competitors) or who fail to conform to official government narratives often face mandatory referrals for psychiatric (psych) or neuropsychological (neuropsych) testing imposed by hospitals, medical boards, and physician health programs (PHPs). These referrals fall under the general category of Fitness for Duty Evaluations (FFDE). Hearsay, rumor, and suspicion are often all that is needed to force physicians to undergo psych and neuropsych testing.

Referrals for psych and neuropsych testing are sometimes made for the purpose of stigmatizing the physician, damaging the physician’s reputation, and harming the physician’s psyche. No objective evidence is provided to support the referral, and the required testing is done for reasons other than quality care and patient safety.

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‘Brain death’ is a fallacy used to prop up the organ harvesting industry

In 1968, without any tests, studies, or evidence, doctors began declaring certain comatose people brain dead. This diagnosis has always been controversial, as from its inception, the concept of brain death has lacked a clear basis in fact. In 2023, “Because of the lack of high-quality evidence on the subject […],” the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) actually used a majority vote, not the scientific method, in determining its new brain death diagnosis guideline. 

The world-renowned neurologist and one-time supporter of brain death as death, Dr. D. Alan Shewmon, was not invited to cast his vote. He now opposes the brain death dogma on scientific grounds and recently published a paper addressing the fact that the new AAN guideline was written without any debate over the fundamental concept underlying brain death…

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Interface of Politics, Medicine, and Biblical Ethics

“Brave New World: Second Panel Discussion on the Intersection of Politics, Medicine, & Theology”

Taken at the 2023 Faith Medicine Conference, this panel discussion is the sequel to the 2022 panel discussion How Shall We Then Live? With the increasing threats of woke pseudo-science and civil government intrusions that deny creation and God’s design for the human body, how ought a Christian to think and respond? How do you live for …

Martin Selbrede, The Rev. Joe Morecraft, Dr. Heidi Klessig, and others…

By |March 21, 2024|

Book Review: Medicare for All, Really?!: Why a Single Payer Healthcare Plan Would Be Disastrous for America

Medicare for All, Really?!: Why a Single Payer Healthcare Plan Would Be Disastrous for America, by Rich Yurkowitz, hardcover, 352 pp, $27.99, ISBN-13:9781645436782, Amplify Publishing, 2022.

This is an extraordinarily wellresearched, well-documented book that could easily serve as a graduatelevel dissertation. There are stylistic incongruities, as the conversational rhythm can slip from pleasant to simplistic in a way that might be distracting for some and pleasant to others. The graphics are elucidating, but on some occasions too small to read, or further interpretation within the context of the material would have been useful. Crucial points at times are lost in the minutiae of detailed, redundant tables, but other concepts are perfectly captured in an elegantly constructed image.

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By |February 22, 2024|

We Are Not Our Brains

We Are Not Our Brains

By Heidi Klessig, M.D.

In my book, The Brain Death Fallacy, I quote neurologist James Bernat: “How the brain generates conscious awareness remains the most intractable mystery of and the greatest remaining challenge to neuroscience. As of 2018, neuroscientists have mapped many of the important connections necessary for human consciousness, but the essential neurophysiological and neurophilosophical problem of how brain tissue yields human subjective experience remains almost completely unknown.”

In Consciousness and Human Identity, philosopher Jerry Fodor puts it more bluntly, “Nobody has the slightest idea how anything material could be conscious. Nobody even knows what it would be like to have the slightest idea how anything material could be conscious. So much for the philosophy of consciousness.”

The traditional view of humankind is that we have a dual nature as a body-spirit unity. We have a physical body which is directed by an immaterial soul or spirit. Very few people are pure materialists, believing we are just “meat in motion.” But strangely, the notion continues that with just a little more research, we will discover how the physical brain imagines, rejoices, fears, or is ashamed. And the relatively new concept of “brain death” is the result of equating people with their physical brains. If we are our brains, when our brains stop functioning, we cease to exist.

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