JBEM: Volume 1

Number 4 [ PDF ]

Confession for Christians in Health Care [ PDF ] W. Gary Crampton, Th. D. and Robert Maddox, M.D.

Cloning: Rebuilding The Tower of Babel. [ PDF ] The Reverend Charles McConnell

Medicine & The Decalogue– Medicine & The Second Commandment: <>It appertaineth Not Unto Thee, Physician [ PDF ] Jeffrey D. Pomerantz, D.O.

Ethical Issues in Medical Insurance [ PDF ] Hilton P. Terrell, M.D., Ph.D.

The Image of God and The Practice of Medicine [ PDF ]

The Terrible Infancy of Fetal Cell Transplantation Technology [ PDF ]

Guest Editorial [ PDF ] Gentry W. Yeatman, M.D.